Slate Chippings Explained

2014-05-02 11:19:10

We get numerous emails every week regarding landscaping slate so we thought it best to blog you some more in depth detail on the product.

Slate aggregates are produced primarily as a byproduct from the production of the slate roofing industry. The aggregate Chips which are left over from the manufacture are size graded and mainly used in three key areas. In construction they are mixed locally in pre mixed concrete and used in UK road building and in the civil engineering sector. A small amount is used in the production of industrial mineral products like bitumen paints, roofing felts and pipeline coatings. The largest area of use though is through decorative aggregates

The slate is graded into 3 main mulch sizes:

3mm to 8mm mulch or pave

20mm graded

40mm graded

All of which are used in the UK landscaping industry. The Slate is separated into three main colours

Plum     (Available as 20mm Plum Slate & 40mm Plum Slate)

Blue       (Available as 20mm Blue Slate & 40mm Blue Slate)

Green   (Available as 20mm Green Slate & 40mm Green Slate)


As the slate is a natural product and seam colours vary the consistency of colour is never an exact science and I would always advise to buy your slate all at once as two plum slates or two blue slates can look entirely different shades.

There has been a massive explosion in the use of Slate Decorative Aggregates in the last 20 years and shows such as ‘Ground force’, ‘How good is your garden’ and the increased TV audience of the Chelsea flower show have all contributed to its use. Using slate as a garden aggregate is perfect as it doesn’t alter the PH Values of soils and is safe to use in aquatics and pond projects.  The two main grade sizes being 20mm and 40mm offer different looks for any project. We generally see 40mm Slate used over a larger area to give more definition to the individual pieces and 20mm slate used more in pots, decorative borders and small areas.  Wherever it is used it will transform a garden with its bright and vivid colour.

So whether you are looking to use 40mm plum slate, 20mm blue slate or 40mm green slate you can do so knowing that you have used recycled byproduct from one of the country’s oldest industries.


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