Lowest Price / Price Promise

Our price guarantee
Our pricing policy is a rock solid guarantee.  With no middle men or high-street overheads you get the best possible price.
In fact, we are so confident that our prices are the best in the market that we offer a lowest price guarantee - so in the event that you find the identical product elsewhere for less we will match it.
Criteria for lowest price guarantee

We check prices against B&Q, Wickes, and many more...

  • The product on our competitors site must be identical or equivalent in design, quality, materials and structure to the one we sell
  • The competitors product must be in stock and available for immediate delivery
  • Tradelocker must have the identical product in stock and available for immediate delivery
  • We are able to verify the availability and validity of the lower price on the competitors website
How to claim

If you have found a better price from one of our competitors and it matches the above criteria, please give us a call on 0844 567 8811. When you call you will be asked for the following:

  • The product name, and description.
  • The competitors price, product name and product code
  • The web site address of the internet site offering a lower price (NOT a price comparison site)

If we can confirm that one of our listed competitors are offering the same product cheaper we will match that price. (Please note the price guarantee excludes installation charges and delivery). We can only match prices for one of each product per customer and prices of bulk purchases are not included.


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