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Our great website offers 1000’s of up to date, hand selected products. All of them having been sourced by ourselves and manufactured by some of the UK’s and often the World’s leading companies, giving you piece of mind when you shop with TradeLocker.co.uk. 

Not just an Online Company

Tradelocker are a UK based company with fantastic relationships with all our suppliers nationwide and worldwide, meaning we can often bring you some of the best deals delivered direct from the source. Whilst we do deal direct from the source, we mainly supply our products directly from our own huge stocks. This means we can control the quality of the products as well as taking advantage of bulk buying into our stock yard and warehouse, therefore passing these fantastic savings onto our customers. With a yard and warehouse full of products, it seemed only right that we had a trade counter and landscape display done showcasing our range of landscaping and building supplies, so viewing our products has never been easier plus you can order in store.

Rapid Delivery

The majority of our products are in stock and can be with you in just 3-5 working days. We also offer a NEXT DAY delivery service for all our stocked items, ensuring you receive your products quickly, so you can get your project done sooner!


With huge stocks held at our Doncaster warehouse, we ensure the majority of orders can de dispatched the same day they are ordered. Holding such large stocks also allows our customers to come and collect 6 days a week. Our sales counter is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 5pm. Saturday 8am – 12 noon. This means you can order and collect your items all at once, great for when you need your supplies in a hurry.


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