Romex Rompox Easy Paving Mortar - 25kg - Neutral Maximize

Romex Rompox Easy Paving Mortar (25kg) Neutral 
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Benefits of Romex:

Pressure and Power washer friendly so there is no worry that the romex mortar will blast out of the joints

The jointing compound bonds directly to the stone rather than simply setting in the joints

Frost and Ice resistant

It will not lose its colour
Application Information:

Application time is approximately 20 to 30 minutes at +20 degrees C (working temperature)

At low temperatures there is slow hardening

At high temperatures there is quick hardening

Surfaces can be walked on after 24 hours

Important Instruction Information:
Do not use in permanently wet environments or areas such as swimming pools, wells, fountains, drip edges, overflow rims etc). Remove items that can store water from the surface such as leaves, moss and weeds on a regular basis.
Only use on surfaces that are on water permeable substrates as the mortar can slowly disintegrate if there is persistant water loads or standing water.

If you do not use all the jointing mortar in the tub then simply cover over it with water so that the compound is totally submerged in water and place the lid firmly back on. By doing so will allow the compound to be useable for up to another 30 days from first opening.

Manufacturer: Romex
Size: 25kg
Colour: Neutral
Romex Rompox Easy Paving Mortar (25kg) Neutral

ROMPOX - EASY is a highly water permeable pavement fixing mortar that allows almost all quantities of rainwater to seep into the ground. Due to the open porous structure of ROMPOX - EASY, all the requirements for a water permeable and thus environmentally friendly pavement fixing mortar are fulfilled. 

The easiest pavement fixing mortar. Frost and de-icing salt resistant, weed free, abrasion resistant, environmentally friendly, quick, cost effective and permanent joint fixing for almost all natural and concrete paving, stone slabs aswell as clinker surfaces.

Romex Rompox Easy Paving Mortar - 25kg - Neutral

Romex Rompox Easy Paving Mortar (25kg) Neutral


The easy way to joint your paving.

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